Dedicated Hosting

Picking a dedicated server shouldn’t be complicated – some are managed, but another model isn’t? Yeah it confused us, too. Our server hosting works how you’d think it would work – find a server that fits your needs and then select your addons (Operating System, IP addresses, and management option).

CPU ProcessorCoresThreadsRAMSpaceBWPrice
Intel Atom C33384 x 2.20GHz44GB1TB HDD10 TB
Intel Xeon X34304 x 2.4GHz44GB1TB HDD10 TB
Intel Xeon E3-1240v24 x 3.4GHz816GB1000GB HDD10 TB
Intel Xeon E3-1240V3
4 x 3.4GHz816GB1000GB HDD10 TB
Dual Intel Xeon E5-262012 x 2GHz1264GB1000GB HDD10 TB

Looking for something else?

If you don’t see a server that quite meets what you’re looking for, contact us for a custom quote. We will gladly put together a server that meets your specifications and budget needs! Contact us and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

Bargain Servers

Our Bargain Servers are limited quantities but a great way to save some money on perfectly good servers. They feature all the same great options as our standard servers and can be customized to your needs!

CPU ProcessorCoresThreadsRamSpaceBwPrice
Intel Atom C2758
8 x 2.40GHz88GB500GB HDD10 TB
Intel XEON E3 1240 v1/v2/v34 x 3.4GHz816GB500GB HDD10 TB
Intel XEON X3430/34504x 2.66GHz816GB500GB HDD10TB

Our servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors for the best performance.

Linux or Windows. Your OS is entirely up to you.

We guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Current Uptime for July 2018 is 100%